viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

Playing With Myself

Well…mostly alone. I pulled out my favorite vibrator and started playing with myself. But that wasn’t enough, so I got my camera guy to whip it out and went to town!


I brought four completely different dildos to better understand the slight changes in orgasms each one causes.

Fucking on Video

Anyway, time to meet Ashley and Danny. Ashley is a sneaky girlfriend. She’s always wanted to film her and her boyfriend fucking on video.

Lot of Fun

I taught her the rules and we had a lot of fun! She totally got off on the whole gloryhole thing!

Little Pussy

Talk about submissive! I had him eat my little pussy for SUPER LONG time, while I read out of one my favorite books. And I must say that he did well.

Taste Test

The fun part about this “taste test”, for lack of better words, is that I’m trying them out in my butt! Yay!

Educational Day

I decided to avenge the girls by sucking his cock and teaching them once and for all what to do with peeping toms.